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Client Testimonials:

I've used Barbara's coaching services on multiple occasions over the past six months.  I had been struggling with my path in life and staying focused.  Barbara was able to provide processes that worked and kept me accountable to myself. In my opinion, her most effective technique is her ability to reflect what you say back in a way that is eye opening, succinct, and definitely produced an "Ah ha!" moment for me in several of our sessions.  I would recommend Barbara in a heartbeat and always feel empowered and excited when I finish a session.    (Shelia Barnett)


With Barbara's group sessions I was able to openly discuss my issues and how I felt. There was never any condescension or negative feelings towards what I said. It was my safe zone. I needed this safe zone, especially this semester. At the beginning of  the semester I felt like my depression would take over and I had no one to discuss this with, but the group sessions gave me the ability to discuss what I needed to and gave me ideas on how to feel better as well as what I can do for others when they feel the way that I did.With our one-on-one session, Barbara was very positive and straight forward with me. It was very helpful especially since I was able to have that talk with my husband about the immersion program.Barbara's session gave me the confidence and assurance in myself that the immersion program was the right thing to do and I could talk to my husband about why he should support it.  (Lauren White, Northern Kentucky U) 


I really appreciated the coaching sessions that we did privately and in class with Barbara Klaw! I think the biggest thing that I took from them was the necessary change in mindset. Instead of thinking of things in a negative sense, I've actually been trying to think of positive ways to spin everything I talk about. I also really enjoyed being pushed to think about my deep motivations for everything. All the specificity really made me think about things involving my future.      (Kevin Gabbard)


Barbara is very patient and helpful with thought provoking techniques that motivate me.       (Jamie P)


There was definitely a benefit to working with Barbara Klaw! First of all, she was there to point me in the right a way that made absolute sense to me. She was there to listen without judgment, give me new perspectives, and hold me accountable for what I was doing and thinking. In giving me tricks and ways to elevate my thinking it gave me hope that all was doable and achievable.     (Vivian Gardonyi)




Three Keys to Letting Your Inner Light Shine

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